BotCon Africa 2016!

Last year we did a couple of presentations at BotCon Africa which were most noteworthy! We’re working on a run down of the entire conference.

In the meantime, here is a video of Retro Rabbit’s Senior Software Engineer, Jade Abbott talking about  “How to even process natural language”. The summary of her talk is as follows:

Developers exist in a technological world of buzzwords. Constantly! Here are 3 that we hear all the time: Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Bots. The presentation covers how to use Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing -> something that may sit behind the scenes of a Bot.

The talk addresses what these buzzwords mean, what are the options available and then gets down and dirty with some Python notebooks to demonstrate how easy it is to get some natural language processing up and running. These 3 problems are addressed:
1. How to use NLTK to get datasets and preprocess your data
2. How to use Gensim to create wordvectors: We create a word2vec model trained on all wikipedia data related to Rock music. We then show how it can be used to find similar bands to a chosen one.
3. How to use LSTM to train a Nietsche bot: We train a Deep Neural Network to generate tweets that sound like Nietsche, by training it with his life’s work

To get the whole presentation, please click here for her slides.

JoziHub shot the video you see in this post.

Conference Website – you will find all the details for BotCon Africa: what it’s all about, the location, speakers, sponsors and the opportunity to attend.

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