Egoli, City of Gold, or better known as Gold Reef City. This is where the Rabbits flock to when they need a break.

The Rabbits at Gold Reef City

The Rabbits at Gold Reef City

When you’ve been hauling 17 hours a day during the dreaded crunch time (when the amount of time needed to do the remaining work and amount of time available to do said work has a correlation of zero), and you finally worked through it, the Rabbits take a day for themselves to indulge in the rush of adrenaline.

Two teams of Rabbits met up at the entrance of Gold Reef City, at 9AM on a Thursday morning. After receiving entry tickets, we soon realised that Thursdays are ideal for such an outing, as it took more time walking through the alotted queue space to ride the Anaconda than actually standing in the queue.

Soon the Rabbits started to split up, some headed to the petting zoo, and others to the Golden Loop. A few even dared to go on the Tower of Terror.

The looming Tower of Terror

The looming Tower of Terror – Photo by Liz Spangenberg

Around lunch time, we met up again for burgers, pizza, and beer. After a mere 2 hours, it was time to head out for some more rides on the Golden Loop or a round of golf on the putt-putt course.

The orange sky and the seduction of the carnival games to win a teddy signalled the end of the day. With a flash of déjà vu, we found ourselves at the entrance of Gold Reef City, awaiting the arrival of the two Uber Vans. From there, we got into the vans and headed back to Park Station.

Ivan won a teddy at Deirdre's expense

Ivan won a teddy at Deirdre’s expense – Photo by Liz Spangenberg

It was a good day that proved that all work and no play is not a principle that manifests itself at Rabbitania.