You’re fresh out of university. The applications of a Deterministic Finite Automaton is still clear in your mind. You’ve heard about NodeJS before. Now it’s time to choose from the 4 job offers you’ve received.

This wasn’t a difficult decision, seeing as one of those were from Retro Rabbit. With beaming confidence, you head to the mountains in Wapadrand, only to find the words of Illidan echoing in your head… “You are not prepared”.

Here are some of the things you can expect when starting out as a new Rabbit

Put it in the bag

The “it” being your brand spanking new i7, 4K Dell laptop, and the bag of type Targus. At Retro Rabbit we pride ourselves in being masterful craftsmen and women, and as such we equip you with masterful tools in order to live up to just that.

What’s up, brew?

There are a lot of Rabbits waiting at Rabbitania. True to the nature of the animal, we tend to multiply in numbers as time goes on. So, start in the Kalido or Trigger rooms, grab the cups of the dwellers there, lift them up and look at the name on the bottom. This is how you learn the names of existing Rabbits. While you’re at it, refill that cup in your hand with some fresh brew next to the vending machine. On the topic of the vending machine, stay oblivious to the fact that a packet of Nik Naks goes for R1.50, or soon you will fight an ever-losing battle against the tummy.

Start slacking off, Rabbit!

An image depicting how many Retro Rabbit Slack channels we have

All the Slack channels


Scroll through the channel list on Slack, and join all of the channels you find appropriate. Whether you’re into home craft brewing or indoor soccer, there is a channel for you. If you happen to be passionate about the intricacies of De Stijl (for which there surprisingly is no channel), feel free to create one for discussing exactly this. Also join #notstupidquestions where none of the questions are considered stupid and Rabbitania’s finest will try their utmost to assist.

The above is by far not even close to being a comprehensive list of what to expect, but it should help you survive the first week in the Hall of the Mountain Rabbits.