“We had fun.”

Ever ask someone about their holiday and get an answer like that?

It’s as standard and as bullshit as the how are you followed religiously by the fine thanks and you line. Are you fine… are you really really fine?

Well, we aren’t those people, and we aren’t fine, we are freaking awesome – well rested, nicely sunned, with a healthy blast of vitamin d’s plus ten times more energy and three more smiles per hour on less coffee. Why? Because we were just on holiday. The bosses took our whole company away. Yes, the whole company, that’s plus 80 of us. Yes, that is rather impressive.

Retro Rabbit

To bus or not to bus?

The journey was long. 2 buses, one promised to be the party bus while the other a mere vehicle of transportation.  Midnight was the departure time for the buses to Mozambique. Some used the bus ride to “sleep” due to an overload of nutritional beverages which hold equal nutritional value to bread, I am told. Others carefully calculated travel time, dividing it up between eating, socialising and sleeping, sort of like the aeroplane method most are familiar with – a system which “reduces” travel time.

This strategic individual found a window seat with a nice resting place for his head… on the guy’s shoulder sitting next to him – a well-documented moment which is not soon to be forgotten. This somewhat awkward moment didn’t seem to ruin the relationship at all, rather enhancing it as two days of house sharing followed. Word on the street is that they still chat from time to time around the office, but not at the client.

A few bunnies decided to share a car trip instead of taking the bus. These super cool rabbits who struggle with road signs, big ones, got lost. They were saved by the stars which supposedly guided them safely to Ponta do Oura. We are thinking about a future upskill program on how to navigate using the stars should we find ourselves lost in the desert or just from home to the Engine for a snack. So, thanks to them future travel plans might be adjusted, but probably won’t be, tightening rules on how freely we allow our rabbits to roam in places where GPS refuses to follow as well as where the chances of non-movement are big, by non-movement, we mean getting stuck, in this case in sand.

Eventually, all our rabbits arrived safe and sound to their holiday destination.

Retro Rabbit

Photo by Jan De Bruyn


Where we stayed

Post-Mozam, calves were aching for a week, although the distance between the beach and home wasn’t large, the incline was a killer. The walk up was a long and dangerous journey through the “forest of Mozam”. You had to walk on wooden boards which bent and tilted under your feet. All the while surrounded by thick tropical vegetation and foreign insects. After crossing the boards with home in sight, you were then met with more stairs.

Home was made of wood, sort of like a tree house deep in the woods. As you walk through the front door, there was big kitchen in front of you, with an island style table. A few big steps forward took you into a huge living room with two couches. Forward a few more large steps, and you were on the balcony as wide as the house with a view of the beach and the ocean. The house had four rooms and two bathrooms, evenly split on each side of the house. Two rooms had double beds and other two with bunk beds.

Back to the view, the obvious highlight for Pretorian eyes, the ocean and the beach curved like a ½ moon to the right and the small town to our left with buildings which looked like they are from a different era.


Retro Rabbit

Photo by Melissa Roets


Breakfast with a beer + the other two meals

Maybe beer doesn’t go well with cereal or anything else breakfasty, but that didn’t stop an individual or two from breaking free from social normal. Breakfast was at the beach bar anyways, so it all seemed to be within the rules of the game. The menu was the same every morning, a typical pub style breakfast which never disappointed. Unorganised braais and pizza were thrown in the middle. Hands down everyone’s favourite meal was at our year end function; the word astronomical was used countless times, proper Mozam seafood has this power.

Retro Rabbit

Photo by Richard Basson


The highlights

Diving, swimming in that beautiful clear ocean, was high up on our list of highlights of the holiday as well as heading into town to look around the market. These walks with newly found friends were extremely entertaining.

A lone ranger ventured through the bushes one night, over a fence to discover a secured pool area, which became the late-night chilling spot before bed time. Rules weren’t broken as there was no indication of prohibition. It was a common to see the stronger of the pack carrying a few of the dear soldiers on his back (one by one) as they had fallen during the battle of “House to Mountain.” His medal is in the mail.

Why is it a big yes for companies to gather outside the office?

Company events/holidays are a great opportunity to get to know new people as well as catch up with old friends. They provide a chance for people to get to know one another better and get comfortable with each other. When there is a level of comfort, you learn how to talk to each person, which is so helpful during times of heavy deadlines and stress. Holidays like the one we just went on definitely improves a company’s culture.

Retro Rabbit

The picture of the turtle.

I was joking as to whether or not a certain baby turtle crossed the border or not… joking of course… as we totally don’t have a pet turtle that we smuggled across the border in a suitcase from Mozambique… that would be illegal. Who even thought this out loud? A name, please….

Retro Rabbit

Photo by Jan De Bruyn


The end is the beginning

The end of our holiday saw the beginning of a new year. What a great holiday. From a possessed ice machine to a gigantic wasp that stung a poor chap next to his eye and proceeded to slip, fall and roll into bushes from the shock of the moment, documented of course. He is fine. I guess it was one of those; you had to be there holidays.

Thanks, Rabbits, what an adventure!

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