Retro Rabbit’s motto for 2018 is simple: be better. Our aim is to be better for ourselves, our family, our community, and our society. We’re not all bark no bite, either: the rabbits at Retro have formed dedicated movements for this purpose, each complete with a budget and committee. To be better for our society in particular, we have formed the Humanitarian Warriors, a lovable band of misfits, fighting for social justice one battle at a time. And we’ve been busy! Allow us to recount our battle scars.


Shoe Run

We love the smell of shoe soles in the morning. For our very first humanitarian project, we collected extra shoes from around the office to contribute to the Sole 2 Soul project, in partnership with the Johannesgemeinde in Pretoria. In its week-long run, we collected a couple of shopping bags worth of shoes. That amounts to a whole bunch of newly-comfy feet!


For the unfamiliar, the Cansa Shavathon is a nation-wide event where, bravely, hair is shaved and sprayed in support of the truly brave: those who fight cancer. We hosted our own internal shavathon, and were seriously impressed by the level of support from our own rabbits. Most of us had our hair sprayed in various wacky colours (I went for neon pink myself), and many even went all-out and got a clean shave! All the proceeds donated by our rabbits were matched by the Warriors, and went directly to local organisations to help fight cancer.

Sanitary Product Run

Dignity Dreams is an NGO that provides comfort and menstrual health education to young women and girls from disadvantaged and at-risk communities. We think that their work is really impressive (you should check them out!), so in lieu of our shoe run, we had a two-week collection of sanitary products, which we then donated to Dignity Dreams. We also accepted cash contributions, which we think came as a relief to some of our more shell-shocked rabbits!


Water Drop

Day Zero: an amusingly post-apocalyptic notion to many of us (and luckily pushed back to 2019!), but a serious reality to others. Even if Day Zero never comes, the water crisis could still close any schools that become unable to supply basic ablution facilities. That’s why the Western Cape Education Department is implementing an initiative to take school ablution off the grid and put it on grey water supply instead. However, this is quite a large undertaking, requiring some outside help. They’re doing their part by providing water containers and drilling water sources. They’ve also identified 80 smaller rural schools that won’t require boreholes, and can instead use shallower, more cost-effective wells. With the cost driven drown as much as possible, they just need some financial support. This is where the Humanitarian Warriors stepped up and contributed R20 000 from our budget to the cause. Schools are where South Africa’s future is made, and we have to do our part to ensure that they stay open for everyone!


Easter Market

Unsurprisingly, Retro Rabbit loves the Easter Bunny! We decided to share some of our good vibes by donating to the Johannesgemeinde’s Easter Market at the Deutsche Schule in Pretoria. We donated chocolate eggs and easter bunnies for the kids to hunt, and also three choc-full prize baskets to be used in a raffle.

This has been a first newsletter of sorts. Our first couple of months as the Humanitarian Warriors have been busy and satisfying. The support from the staff at Retro Rabbit so far has been heart-warming. We have some big plans for the rest of the year and can’t wait to see how it goes! Look out for an update in the near future.