Rabbiteer session 2: DevOps

How to get from code to users in minutes.

Presented By : Theo Danzfuss and Cillie Malan

What is devops?

The goal of devops is to give a complete view of what is going on in real time to all stakeholders. To get code from dev to a stable production as quickly as possible.
You achieve this by the following 3 keywords automation, continuously and control. Devops is not about the tools but rather about the mindset. Can you recover quickly from a disaster? Will a backup automatically be restored upon a disaster?


The more you can automate the better.
Automate everything


Everything must happen continuously and repeatedly.


Use source control.
Control the pipeline from dev to production.
Monitor what is going on (like logs and stats).
Containerization for example docker.

Theo Danzfuss:

Theo Danzfuss will be taking you through the culture of DevOps, Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment and how they will change your life as a developer.

Cillie Malan:

Cillie Malan will show you the technical side of dev ops and how it works from dev branch all the way to production using GoCD, Teraform, Kubernetes, nodeJS, apache zookeeper, Google cloud platform and many more.