Featuring: Herman, Cillié, Wayne, and Werner.

The Google Next’17 Conference recently held in San Francisco, USA got a big surprise as four Rabbits made a rewarding and noble appearance to soak in all the technical skills that were on offer but also to enjoy a much-needed break on the side of course. It was hard work, long hours and dedication that brought these four individuals together for a trip they would never forget and having received some of the details I can confirm it was indeed memorable. For some leaving the grass of home behind for the concrete jungle was not an easy thing to do, but the SA soil had to wait as there was too much to see and too much to learn about the cloud.


It is no surprise that through all my sneaky interrogation methods that the conference shines through as one of the biggest highlights of the trip, not just the conference but work and work etiquette in general. It seems in San Francisco you can not only go to bed leaving your car unlocked at night but you can also walk into a restaurant at closing time and be guaranteed that no one will spit in your food or spill hot coffee all over your lap. Our Rabbits all agree that the people there are not only friendly but they also take great pride in their work and what they do, whether it’s the crappiest job in the world there is something to be learned from them about showing appreciation and a certain sense of pride for what you do.

There were also other observations including:

 As Herman Observed:The cable car in San Francisco is pulled by an underground cable which it attaches to, and that cable in turn is then pulled throughout the entire city via a pulley system. A third of SF’s population is Chinese, Every second shop is owned/rented by a Chinese person, and that was strange to see. Also a very cool thing was the bottomless coffee and fountain drinks in Restaurants. “

This is just one of four observations that mentioned bottomless coffee and free refills as an interesting thing about the visit, but another thing that stood out while reading through all the testimonies was the food. Maybe there still lies some truth in the saying that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach…in this case, there was no shortage of the good stuff.

FOOD roundup:

 Cillié – “My favorite food was probably tri-tip at Buckhorn Grill in San Francisco. Really good steak roll.”


                             Herman – Favorite restaurant is Mel’s Drive-In on Mission Street. It has a classic American look and feel, and the food was awesome, I would eat there every day.”

Other favorites included pancakes and free refills, yes free refills and bottomless coffee. I am mentioning this again so you know whenever you visit San Francisco or the United States for that matter, to get your bottomless coffee and free refills. Also as an interesting side, the homeless people that wander around the streets were quite interesting to our travelers for some reason. Not only were they clothed, they also primarily kept to themselves, talked to themselves but surprisingly also didn’t ask for anything like an R5 because their cat got locked up or something to that effect. If you do happen to come across one of these individuals during your travels it would be best just to ignore them like you do here at home when that dirty soap water hits your windscreen. Wait, what am I talking about?

As much as I have touched on the conference, the people, the food, there is more to be enjoyed here. Our Rabbits talk very fondly of a little bayside town called Sausalito and after doing some digging it is no surprise why it crept so easily into their minds and hearts. City life can get rough which makes Sausalito the perfect escape for anyone who wants to break away and gaze over the waters at the Golden Gate Bridge or simply enjoy the spoils this little gem of a town has to offer. To get to Sausalito your choices are exciting. You can get there either via the Golden Gate Bridge or by Ferry, and if I take into consideration the personal testimony I would prefer taking the Ferry back to the mainland just to catch a glimpse of the infamous Alcatraz.

Other places that came highly recommended was the Golden Gate Park, specifically a small Japanese Tea Garden within the park itself that speaks of a rich history between two countries and how the peace between these two nations came to be. Our Rabbits also agree that a guided tour is the best way to get the low down of the City and surrounds.

Herman: “My favorite moments were the Saturday 11th of March which was also my Birthday! We went on a guided tour throughout the city. We visited the Ferry Building, Golden Gate Bridge, China Town, and Palace of Fine arts, Grace Cathedral, Alamo Square Park, Lombard Street, Cable Car Museum and Sausalito.”


Wayne: “My favorite tourist spot I’d say would have to be the Japanese Tea Garden and the beautiful Golden Gate Park in which it lies hidden. The Japanese Tea Garden explains the long and rich history between the Japanese and the Americans, and how they came to peace with one another. I also quite enjoyed spending my time browsing through the gift shop of the tea garden, looking at the different kind of Knick knacks they had on sale.”   

What more can be said about a trip such as this? A trip where our Rabbits came back wiser than when they left and not guilty of any crimes (we hope). A trip that has inspired them to be better, to do better than they already are.  What more can we say about a city that never sleeps, one that works throughout the night to keep its streets clean, a city where working at ten in the evening is nothing new? Do we say the grass is greener on the other side or do we think of how to change our own garden into something spectacular?

I guess in the end the best would be to tell you what our humble Rabbit travelers told me: Do not do the crime, police there are good. Avoid any place that calls itself a video Arcade, avoid awkward moments with homeless men in busses and just in case you wanted to know, Cillié does not snore or talk in his sleep, and Wayne, well Wayne just loves himself a good secret in case anyone has one to share.


Case Closed,

Hip Hop,