We kick off a 5-part mini series on Chatbots, with a post on Feersum Engine, created by Praekelt.

Retro Rabbit loves Feersum Engine by Praekelt

What is Feersum Engine?

Feersum Engine is a multi-channel conversation creation platform optimised for frontier markets. It enables the rapid creation and operation of rich, mixed structured and NLP orientated digital conversations.


Feersum Engine’s notable features.

On the tech side, Feersum Engine’s creation tools enable multilingual communication and the platform is inherently suitable for low data, low UI literacy markets. Feersum uses high-tech Natural Language Processing & Machine Learning technologies.
Also worth mentioning: Feersum Engine allows for 3rd party API integrations, making it suitable for customised tasks.

From a User Experience perspective, the software’s modular design enables it to quickly scaffold a conversation, while supporting multiple technologies at once.

From a utilisation perspective, Praekelt suggests that the software tool is super customisable in both output and costs.


This diagram (taken from Feersum Engine's website), briefly explains how it works

Image from http://feersum.io



Where we used this software?

Retro Rabbit is busy working with Praekelt to bring this new tech to the market. Our first projects are aimed at using Feersum to create bots for good in Africa, by creating conversation around topics that aim to educate and uplift..


For more on Feersum Engine, check out their website. Also catch some of our talented Software engineers talking about our experiences with Bots at Botcon 2017, happening on the 25th of May in Cape Town, South Africa. Our next post in this 5-part mini-series is all about why we love Microsoft’s BotFramework

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