Slack is a tool we use where we discuss all the important things. We use it to arrange meetings with clients, to keep in touch with team members that are working remotely, to wish people happy birthday, to name a few. However, in true Rabbit style, we have made it our own. We currently have 65 odd channels on our Slack, some more odd than others, and more than 120 custom emojis.


Aside from the various channels for the different teams, the channels for company wide announcements and the appropriately name #random channel. Some highlights of the odder channels are:


Have you ever walked into a discussion at the wrong time, heard something that doesn’t make sense, or thought the sense that it does make is not appropriate? Sure you have. We all have. Instead of asking the obligatory “What?”, we made a channel to share the things Rabbits say that make the right kinda wrong sense when taken out of context.


We, (well most of us), are software developers who create amazing things on computers. Sometimes you need to see the concrete proof of something you have created. Channel name notwithstanding, any Rabbit who has a desire to create something tangible is welcome to join. Welding workshops, keg braais, container vegetable gardens and potato gun competitions, anything that we can make or learn about making, goes into this channel.



Among the Rabbits, there are a select few with the know-how, determination and artistry to create the second most important substance on Rabbitania. I am, of course, talking about beer. Discussions range from the arcane brewing arts to “secret” tastings. As long as they keep the ales, lagers and occasional liqueurs flowing, I am not going to complain. A home for the hops-meisters.


For the Rabbits who don’t get enough of computers during the day. This is channel where the games that are currently doing their rounds, the games that are going to be doing the rounds soon, and the games that will hopefully one day make the rounds are discussed. Apart from discussing games, gaming experiences are shared and compared. The latter has lead to a Dota tournament between our champions, Darren and Wayne, and their team of disciples. The scoreboard showed in Darren’s favour, and Wayne was bruised, but never broken.



Some of the things said in this channel are like Japanese (without the subtitles) to me. Speculations of what is to come in everyone’s favourite anime, discussion and analysis of the latest episodes (that would have any teacher’s eyes brimming with tears of pride), and sharing the excitement of a new a find are to be found in this channel.



The good old graph paper, character sheet and dice type of role playing. Get your mind out of the gutter! The adventurous Rabbits use this channel to storm the castle, clear the dungeon, save a princess, fight battles in space and overthrow empires. All from the comfort of any place with a sufficiently large table and snacks.


#pokemongo, #mozambiquetrip, #mastbuilder, #test

Our Slack is littered with dead channels. Channels that have served their purpose, channels that are related to some passing fad (#pokemongo brings back so many fond memories), and channels that were created with misspelt titles. Every now and then some digital spelunker finds the abandoned channels and starts to question the sanity of the other Rabbits.



There are also some rumours of the existence of channels, which can be neither confirmed nor denied. Some call it “Dark Slack”. Apparently knowing the right people gets you a peek behind the curtain.


Aside from the few channels mentioned there are a plethora of channels that cater for whatever you are into. If it’s not there, you can create it and like-minded Rabbits will find it. “If you build it, they will come”, as the saying goes. 

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